Candy Clicker

v1.15 is LIVE
  1. Fixed a couple of bugs with the high-level blueprints costing the wrong about of buildings or requiring the incorrect type of building.
  2. Added cats :)
Coming soon: What would you do?

Coming soon: What would you do?

  • 9 new top-level blueprints!
  • Added 4 more levels that unlock even more frenzy modes
  • Current candy number is easier to read

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CandyClicker is now hosted on dedicated hardware, none of that fluffy cloud stuff. Hopefully this means the game is quicker to load and we’ve seen an end of the downtime!

Also in v1.13:

  • Set graphics quality in the settings menu, if your struggling to hit 60fps or your laptop fan is making a bit too much noise you can select “Basic” and enjoy a buttery smooth experience*
  • The game version number is displayed in the top right corner, so you know you have the very latest version.
Game down?

We appear to be having some routing issues that are outside of the hosts network, I’ve enabled a service called CloudFlare that should better route the traffic and will (touch wood) hopefully fix the issues some players are having.

Fortunately, if you have the game open and the server becomes unreachable the game is not affected, it will continue to run and save and when the servers become available again it will update your score on the leader board without you having to do a thing.

Thanks! And keep clickin’

Optimize till you die!

Spent a lot of time profiling the game tonight to find inefficiencies in the code. As this is my first Unity / C# project I found quite a few low hanging fruit and managed to get the CPU usage down by about 30%. I haven’t released this optimized build yet as a lot of the core systems were touched and more testing is required, but the next update should help those on lower end systems keep the game open longer.

v1.1 is LIVE!
  • All building blueprints have been given a large boost! Defiantly invest in them.
  • The rate at which the Factory increases its cost has gone down from 15% to 14%
  • The rate at which the Shipments, Recyclers, Replicators and Cookie Mines increase their cost has gone down from 15% to 13%
  • Replicator art has been updated, the last of the blue boxes with wagging sticks has gone!
  • Fixed a couple of typos

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  1. Another boost to performance on slower machines, this was the main focus of this update.
  2. The value of your clicks is displayed on the lollypop when you click.
  3. White background between building containers (which was very bright) is now darker

  • Factory, Shipments and Cookie Miners have new graphics, only the replicator remains to be done.
  • Improved FPS on slower systems

Check out that sweet forklift action! Shipments getting a visual upgrade in the next update!